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Frappe / ERPNext Assets not Loading Properly

When you install ERPNext for the first time, it sometimes gets frustrating when the fields are not properly arranged as you would expect. I will share some of the commands I have found useful in this article.

bench build – This command has more abilities if you supply additional options, but we just run it as this to build our app assets.

bench migrate – This command also has greater capabilities, but we are interested in only this basic one. It will run patches, sync schema and rebuild files/translations.

The bench migrate command may sometimes require you to supply the site name, especially when your instance is on production mode. In this case, just run:

bench –site [xyz] migrate

The last command I would like to share today, which clears your browser cache just in case you have cached content that may be causing this problem:

bench clear-website-cache

Here is a sample of the issue we are discussing here:

If you have other ways to solve this problem, please share in the comments section below.


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