The Ultimate ERPNext API Mastery Series

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The demand for ERPNext developers is skyrocketing daily! Both companies and individuals are looking for developers who understand the software and can customize the application to suit their needs. This is not dependent on where you are on the face of this planet. I have worked on projects from almost every continent, and calls don’t stop coming in. The demand is simply everywhere!

This course is built to quickly pass the skill needed to become an ERPNext developer and harness the opportunity. I have tried to use the quickest method to pass what has taken me years to learn in just a few hours.

In my pursuit to deliver the best developers in ERPNext community, I will be making two calls every week to everyone who purchases the course. The purpose of this call will be to check whether you may be needing my help. By joining, you will also become part of a community of developers whom I work with on daily basis. You will get a forum where you can ask questions and get almost immediate feedback.

I wish you all the best, and look forward to seeing you on the platform.

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This series is made to help you grow from ZERO to an ERPNext API Hero! I have put together everything you will need to get those projects done. Below see the course content for the series:


  1. An introduction to APIs
  2. Setting up the environment for API writing within ERPNext
  3. Writing our first API in ERPNext
  4. ERPNext API Authentication, Access and the API response data
  5. Formatting ERPNext APIs and making them Publicly accessible
  6. Manipulating ERPNext API Response format & passing custom items to response body
  7. Querying with parameters passed from external applications
  8. Getting data from a fronted application and using it in your ERPNext API
  9. Updating records in ERPNext with an API
  10. Deleting items from an ERPNext DocType with an API
  11. Triggering actions to manipulate other DocTypes from an ERPNext API

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