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Everything you need to become a Frappe Framework and ERPNext developer in one clear, concise, and practical course. The course will span 40+ hours, so brace yourself for some serious learning.

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Welcome to the complete course on how to Build web apps with Frappe Framework and how to Customize ERPNext to suit your specific requirements.

If you are still on the fence, wondering whether you should learn ERPNext, take my word. Jump off that fence and buy the course! Reason is, the demand for ERPNext developers is growing by the minute! You can simply not go wrong with this thing.

In this course, we assume that you don’t have any background with the frappe framework. We will therefore start from the very beginning, with no assumptions made. We will configure the development environment, install all the dependencies, install ERPNext and then finally, I will show you how to break down and put together ERPNext into a software we want in your organization.

I wanted to ensure that I turn all stones in this course, so I created a classroom environment. We will have live sessions where there will be questions and I will attempt to answer all asked questions. I have also written blog-posts with step by step items on topics that I feel need more attention.

In the course, we will explore how you can build web applications with Frappe Framework. We will customize the front-end of the application, install a bootstrap theme and work on it to build a complete and robust web application.

With the demand for ERPNext rising everyday, I have also put significant number of hours into customizing it to suit your requirements. I will also show you the best practices in customizing ERPNext existing DocTypes without causing a conflict with their base code. You will be able to update your ERPNext instance without fear of losing your customization. All am saying is, we are going to learn the best practices here.

The last thing I would like you to note is, you won’t get stack on your project. You will join my personal telegram group where you can ask questions on the topics you may be needing help and/or clarifications with.

Hey, there is so much more in the course! Am hopeful the information I already provided is sufficient to help you make the decision to buy the course and jump into the training sessions. I’m looking forward to seeing you inside.



  • Introduction to Frappe Framework and the ERPNext application
  • Setting up the environment for ERPNext Installation
  • Installation of Frappe Framework on Ubuntu 20.04
  • How to create a site on the Frappe Framework
  • Installing ERPNext application on the site
  • Exploring the Frappe Field Types
  • Introduction to the Frappe Desk/Workspace
  • Creating a custom app on the Frappe Framework
  • Installing the custom app on your site
  • Exploring the Frappe DocTypes
  • Working with Field Dependencies in Frappe
  • Introduction to Custom Scripts
  • Using Custom Scripts to make API Calls
  • Using Custom Scripts to do Arithmetic
  • Working with Server Scripts
  • Customizing Navigation Menus in Frappe Framework
  • Sending Emails with Frappe Framework
  • Customizing the print format
  • Working with schedulers
  • Introduction to the Frappe Dialog API



  • Working with Controllers, ORM and SQL in Frappe Framework
  • Managing your ERPNext instance and custom apps with GitHub
  • Building custom pages in Frappe Framework
  • Hooks and DocType manipulation from events
  • Writing custom APIs within the ERPNext ecosystem
  • Consuming custom APIs from other software applications
  • Sending data from ERPNext to other applications with Web Hooks
  • Using Events to manipulate DocTypes
  • Integrating a bootstrap theme to the front-end of a web application
  • URL Routing in Frappe Framework
  • Passing Dynamic Data from the database to the bootstrap theme in Frappe Framework
  • Passing Dynamic data to a custom bootstrap theme
  • Implementing content pagination on the custom web app
  • Understanding and Building web apps in Frappe Framework
  • Creating custom reports
  • Working with Currencies
  • Error Handling in Frappe Framework
  • Setting up Frappe for multi-tenancy
  • ERPNext for E-Commerce
  • ERPNext integration with devices (We will integrate a biometric device)
  • Understanding Frappe Fixtures and their application

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