Managing Frappe/ERPNext Custom Code via GitHub


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Learn how to Manage all the custom code you write in your ERPNext or Frappe Framework Application using GitHub.

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When you are a software developer, GitHub is a handy tool when it comes to version control. GitHub also helps us to manage how code goes to the production server. When doing development with ERPNext and/or the Frappe Framework, we can also manage our code with GitHub.


All development and any customization needed is done on the local instance. Once a feature is working well locally, or maybe its a completed bug fix, we push the code to whatever GitHub branch that is managing the code. Our remote instance then pulls the code from GitHub.


There are two ways for getting the code to the live server from GitHub. You can either Pull the code manually or you Automate with GitHub actions. Either way, this is a very effective process that will ensure your custom app is safe and any customization you do is being launched smoothly.


This is all taken care of in this series.


  • Introduction
  • Walk-through
  • Finalizing the installation of Local and Remote Instances
  • Creating a custom app and pushing the code to GitHub
  • Creating a DocType and pushing its code to GitHub
  • Getting custom app from GitHub to our remote/cloud server
  • Making a change to the DocType and deploying the changes to the cloud server with bench migrate

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