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Will Tech Giants Kill Startups In Africa?

by karani

It is important to consider this topic since we have been having technology giants around for some time now. More and more are expressing their interests to join the African movement, promising billions of dollars to the highly potent continent. In this article, I will quickly look at the risks we have at hand, the solution that we can employ to mitigate the risks, and where to start to safeguard our interests as individuals, as individual countries and as a continent.

The problem

When technology giants started coming to Africa, everyone was happy to have them around. Not long, they started to hire aggressively to meet their tech gaps. The kind of salaries they offered software engineers were so high for local startups to match. The startups started losing employees to the giants. The talents the startups polished over the years started leaving, and the companies had little or nothing to do to keep them. This is still happening and threatening the longevity of the startups.

Technology giants taking away all the good software engineers is not all. Those that remain are hired to work for them in their countries. They allow them to work at the comfort of their homes, work for less hours, and still pay triple the amount our local startups are can keep up with.

The solution

The solution to this is to employ ecosystem-level risk management strategies. Governments need to partner with technology companies to train more tech talent. The government’s responsibility will be to provide the necessary infrastructure, while the technology companies provided the relevant curriculum and the needed training.

How do we start?

Code with Karani is a Software Development Training Institution that provides hands on training for software engineers that is propelled by information. The institution is currently purely online, with all content delivered to students through the internet. The current students are not only African but are spread all over the world.

Why Code with Karani is the best Platform to learn Software Engineering

A lead instructor with:

  1. A decade of enterprise level software development experience
  2. A passion to share what I have learnt over the years
  3. Experience teaching locally and internationally
  4. Desire to create employments for our youth
  5. A drive to see our startups thrive at home

An effective THREE-POINT delivery strategy:

  1. Produce world-class software development training curriculum and content
  2. Weekly stand-up calls to catch up and discuss areas of difficulty
  3. Hold hands for a year after graduating and ensure success in career and/or projects

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