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What is Coding?

by karani

Coding is running the world today. Surprisingly, a vast majority of people aren’t even aware of its existence, let alone what it even is, despite the fact that coding is vital for most of the contemporary businesses. That’s why those who choose to learn to code are in high demand for employers.

Before we start digging deeper, I want you to try to answer the question, “What is coding?

Here is a simple experiment for you. Right-click somewhere on this page and click on View page source. Scroll down on the window that appeared and see whether you understand anything.

What you were looking at is the code behind this webpage, or the document object model (DOM). If you have learned at least the basics HTMLCSS or JavaScript, it might be easier to spot some familiar tags and elements. If you didn’t understand anything, worry not; you can learn everything at SAID Academy.

Now, in simple terms, let’s define coding as the basic act of writing  – in a programming language, coding is the writing of  – a script that a computer can understand. This script will tell the computer to behave in a certain way, to do a certain thing, and to, ultimately, perform the actions that you want it to.

Computers don’t understand human language. In order for us to communicate to our computers, we have to give computers instructions in a way that they will understand.

This is where anyone who wants to understand how to code needs to learn coding, or software development, or programming.

Article courtesy: SAID Academy

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