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ERPNext Automated Installation Script

by karani

This script automates all the steps needed to have ERPNext properly installed and running on Ubuntu 20.04. The script automates the following:

  1. Setting up default settings
  2. Checking necessary configuration before install starts
  3. Updating the System
  4. Updating the Server timezone
  5. Install required tools
  6. Make alias for Python and Pip
  7. Upgrading Pip
  8. Installing NodeJS, Redis and Yarn
  9. Starting the Redis Server
  10. Installing Nginx and MariaDB
  11. Setting Database Configuration to work with ERPNext and Frappe
  12. Securing the Database
  13. Creating a bench user, assigning them appropriate rights and add the user to sudoers group
  14. Installing bench
  15. Installing Frappe
  16. Changing Supervisor Owner
  17. Enabling Site-based Multi-tenancy
  18. Downloading the right version of ERPNext from ERPNext GitHub repo
  19. Creating a Site
  20. Restarting Nginx and Supervisor Services

Copy file from Local to Remote

scp -r /local/directory remote_username@

Warning: Remote host Identification has Changed

ssh-keygen -R "you server hostname or ip"

Note: Please remove the script from the server once install is complete.

Download the script from this link.

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