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by karani

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We offer a wide range of software services ranging from development, customization, integration and training. Our focus is on enterprise software, with emphasis on the ERPNext and Frappe technologies. Our goal is to make enterprise software affordable and practical to all.


We will help you develop the application you want to build, whether you want it developed with the Frappe Framework or otherwise. Regardless of the size of the software, from a simple application with just a few functions automated to huge custom enterprise software built just for you. Start a conversation either via a simple WhatsApp message or write to us on the CTA button below.


We have integrated numerous applications to ERPNext over the past couple of years. Whether you want your software integrated to payment gateways, invoicing systems, communication platforms or any other software, we are on standby. We also integrate with gadgets like biometrics, payment terminals and more.


Most of the time, your organization will require to customize a few things to maximize the benefits you get from your enterprise software. If you are doing this on ERPNext, these require an expert so as to allow you to upgrade the system in the future. If you ever want any customization done, dial us and let's discuss your requirements.


We offer two types of training for ERPNext. The first one is the developer training. Here we train developer teams on how to develop applications using the Frappe Framework. We also train developers to understand how ERPNext is built and how it can be customized. The second type of training is targeted at teams who want to use ERPNext. We train on all modules from Accounting, Manufacturing, Human Resource, Project Management and more.

API Development

APIs are a fundamental part of any reliable enterprise software. They make it possible for systems to communicate to each other. We build APIs to facilitate system to system communication. We also build front-end applications with React and Vue and connect them to such ERPNext APIs, making the capabilities of ERPNext limitless.